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The Walking Dead: Season Two – “No Going Back” (Episode Five)

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I can count on my hand the number of games that have literally brought me to tears, but this series as a whole is one of them.  Ten minutes ago I watched the credits roll, signaling the end to yet another tear-jerking episode of “The Walking Dead”.  I’m not afraid to admit that I’m still in shock and trying to process the events that took place.  Episode Five, “No Going Back”, doesn’t play around.  People get bit, people get shot, people die…few make it out.  If you’re curious as to the who’s…no worries, you won’t find that information here…you’ll have to buy the series and play it for yourself to find out.  If you plan to do so, stop reading here as there ARE some spoilers that relate to the previous episodes ahead.


The Walking Dead: Season Two – “No Going Back” (Episode Five)

The Walking Dead: Season Two – “No Going Back” (Episode Five)


Speaking of which, “Episode Four” left us at gunpoint against some sort of Russian Mafia, albeit a small one.  Before the camera went dark, we had the unfortunate realization that Rebecca had turned and was about to devour the very baby she gave birth to.  I, Clementine, seemed to get into these situations way too often…that is, decide whether or not I’d put a bullet into someone’s brain.  With Lee under my control in Season One, I didn’t have such reservations.  I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that Clementine is only eleven years old. This “little” fact made my decisions throughout Season Two that much harder.

Episode Five was both enjoyable and gut-wrenchingly short.  Things wrapped up rather quickly and I often didn’t have time to process what had just taken place in a prior scene.  I suppose it wouldn’t be “The Walking Dead” if events played out slowly, if experience is any teacher. I won’t give away the story, but I will tell you that there’s much more emphasis on dialogue as opposed to reacting to quick time events.  Yes, there are some instances of the latter, but most of your time will be spent telling people to stop acting like children…at least that’s what I ended up doing.  There is somewhat of a resolution, but the ending didn’t feel as fulfilling as Season One.  Season Three has been announced via a number of sources, so there’s more to come if that’s any consolation.

Now that I’ve played all of the episodes, I can safely vouch for this game’s value.  Overall, it’s an eight to ten hour experience for twenty-five bucks.  Steam often has sales (one is going on right now as of 8/26/14) that reduces the price further.  “The Walking Dead” isn’t a shooter, it’s a narrative.  Some people admittedly won’t like that and I had my doubts during the start of Season One.  With that said, I was hooked about an hour in, caught up in this game’s many dramatic moments.  My only complaint is how little my choices matter, despite what the disclaimer says at the beginning of every episode.  The game directs the narrative around to its predetermined path despite your best intentions, save for the ending of Episode Five.  Still, like Season One, Season Two is worth every penny.  Give it a chance if you haven’t already and if you’re like me, you’ll be listening to the soundtrack on YouTube after the credits finish rolling.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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