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PRESS RELEASE: “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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The life of a pirate can be an appealing one at times…no responsibility, no one to answer to, and all the gold & adventure you can handle! “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, a cooperative board game seeking your help on Kickstarter, promises the latter in spades. Like the ever popular “Pandemic”, “Flash Point: Fire Rescue” and “Forbidden Island”, players will be racing to complete particular objectives while up against a ticking clock. In this case, you and your friends have already done the hard work of catching up to and shredding a ship full of the undead. It’s up to you to board it, take the treasure, and get out lest ye share a locker with Davy Jones.




James Mathe from Minion Games had this to say:

“Dead Men Tell No Tales (DMTNT) is a cooperative game where players take on the role of a Pirate crew, boarding the doomed Skelit’s Revenge for one purpose: to take the loot. You need to deal with the spreading fire and explosion potential as well as the enemies left on the ship. But what’s a little risk for the plunder!  DMTNT is for 2-5 players of 13 and older and plays in about 75 minutes.  While we’ve already surpassed our Kickstarter goal, there’s still time to pledge your support and help us unlock those stretch goals.”

You can learn more about and support “Dead Men Tell No Tales” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:



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