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I love abstract games, but Tak grabbed my attention in ways I wasn’t expecting.  Like “Chess”, you’ll often be thinking moves ahead in order to get a leg up on your opponent to win the game.  Unlike “Chess”, there are only a few pieces…but don’t let that fool you.  This game is jam-packed with strategy in the way the pieces behave, stack, and move.  Your main goal is to form a road from one side of the board to the other.  The stacks can be uneven so as long as you control the stack (your piece is on top).  Doing this is easier said than done, however.  Special thanks to the folks at Cheapass Games for providing me with a press copy for coverage purposes.



Speaking of coverage, I opted to focus my efforts on a video since the game is a visual one. It’s easier to see the potential strategies when you’re watching someone play the game.  As far as a review goes, I’ll simply say that the pieces and board were beautiful and well crafted. You already know my thoughts about it in terms of gameplay, but it certainly has a unique charm about it that makes me want to revisit the game in the future sooner than usual.  My only complaint was the lack of baggies…the bags the pieces came in were the tear open and throw away kind.  Zip baggies would have been better, in my opinion.  Check out my video below for more content and thoughts on this beautiful game.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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