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Soda Drinker Pro

I’d like to think I know my way around a plastic cup, but there’s always room to grow.  I’m mainly an iced tea and water drinker by nature, so naturally I felt a little intimidated by this game’s title.  What if my avatar doesn’t like the taste of soda?  What if I overindulge and have to use the bathroom?  Will the condensation from the cup make my hands slippery, resulting in a possibly embarrassing spilled drink episode?  If I wait too long to drink my soda, will the ice slide up the straw and possibly choke me?  These are the questions that a pro soda drinker should be asking themselves.  “Soda Drinker Pro” is a soda drinking simulator that will put your simulated lips and esophagus to the test.  Will YOU have what it takes to be a pro soda drinker?

Soda Drinker Pro

Soda Drinker Pro (PC)

If you’re daring enough, you can download the free version via the link below.  There’s another version in the works that is going to include many more levels, which you can help support on Steam’s Greenlight page (again, link below) should you feel inclined.  When I inquired about pricing on the latter, I was told that there may or may not be a cost and that it would largely depend on Steam and the amount of content featured in the upcoming version.  It’s worth noting that the game’s Greenlight page boasts that one hundred levels will be released should the game be Greenlit.

You can visit the website and suggest environments to the developers by way of a handy-dandy form.  I’d personally like to see myself on the bridge of the Enterprise, in the Captain’s chair.  I’m picturing an annoyed Vulcan first officer (raised eyebrow and all) glaring at me as I slurped my empty beverage container for over a minute straight.  Where would you like to see yourself drinking that cool, bubbly beverage?

You can learn more about and download the free version, here:


You can help bring the in-progress version to Steam by voting for it on its Greenlight page, here:


You can view video play sessions of the free version, here:

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