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Sacred Line

Sasha Darko, the creator of “Sacred Line”, was kind enough to reach out to me and bring this game to my attention.  “Sacred Line” puts the player in the shoes of Ellen, a private detective, who gets a phone call from an unknown person who directs her to some sort of forest.  Somehow, this develops into ancient sects, third world countries, totalitarian regimes, and pollution.  The game, as a whole, takes about thirty minutes to play through.

I’m not going to pretend to understand what I experienced, but for a free game, there was a fairly good amount of content.  The grammar was iffy in some spots and the vulgarity was a bit overplayed for my liking, but the game drew me in enough to where I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  The objects in the environment weren’t always responsive to my mouse clicks and for whatever reason, my character kept veering off to the right while I was instructing her to go straight.  While it could use some polish, it’s worth a playthru…feel free to check out the below links if you’d like to experience the game for yourself.

You can download the game for free via the below link:


You can watch me play through the entire game, here:

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