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You’re on a train with a countdown clock.  You have about twenty minutes to figure out how to stop the train before the wreck occurs.  Who are you?  Where are you?  What’s up with the train?  Why are weird things happening?  “Process” won’t answer all of these questions, but it WILL make you think.  I found “Process” to be an intriguing, albeit short puzzle / horror game.

It could have used a help/options menu to assist players with keybinds and game controls, but I quickly caught on to what I needed to do.  You’ll be moving your mouse around the screen, interacting with objects with the left mouse button and pulling up items from your inventory with the right mouse button.  The atmosphere is remarkably eerie and the game itself kept me guessing from beginning to end.  Here’s hoping that the developer releases more games like this.  I recommend giving this game a go, or at least, watching the walk-through I created below.

You can download the game for free on Desura, here:


You can watch my playthrough here:

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