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So do you like, “Like” me, “Like Me Like Me”, or “Like, Like Me?”

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In grade school you’ve probably heard something like this a lot. The opposite sex became attractive for some odd reason and to this day you’re still trying to figure out why.

Today we use, “Hey, wanna go out for a drink?” or “Hey, wanna come to my place for a Star Trek Marathon?” Back then, we used, “Do you like me like me?” to which the inquired replied, “I dunno, do you like me like me?”

Also, one in three grade school Valentine’s cards came with cooties.

Facebook went one step beyond that and introduced the “Like” button. If you’ve never seen or used Facebook then picture an imaginary “Like” button under someone’s mouth, probably their chin, that you can awkwardly press when the other person says something you like. For the record, going around pressing people’s chins is something I just came up with and reserve the right to use it in the future. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

The “Like” button is too darn vague. It could mean anything. Observe.

1. I am only “Liking” your comment because someone else did and I give in easily to peer pressure.

2. I’m a hippie and therefore “Like” everything.

3. I don’t really “Like” your comment, but it makes my name show up somewhere else and I love attention.

4. I don’t really “Like” your comment, I enjoy sarcasm that is only apparent to me.

5. I don’t really “Like” your comment, but I believe I should keep my friends close and my enemies closer.

6. I “Liked” your comment because the “Like” button is a fad and I want to appear cool in front of all of my friends.

7. I didn’t have time to write a comment but I’ll “Like” your comment so you knew I was thinking of you even though I really wasn’t.

8. I genuinely “Like” your comment.

9. I’m in a competition of some sort to have the most “Likes”, just ignore me.

10. I didn’t “Like” his/her comment, but I am in love with that person.

See? You never know why someone is hitting that “Like” button. Who knows how long it will take for this to be used in every day things? Can you imagine the look on your waiter’s face when you sign your receipt and put the word “Like” under the tip section?

Don’t feed the conspiracy. Stop the madness. Quit liking things for no reason. You never know just how far it will go.

Oh, and “Like” my Facebook Page. Give in to peer pressure. All the cool kids are doing it. Do it for no reason, I don’t really care. My ego needs stroked.

Every time I hit the “Like” button, this is what I’m doing.

NOTE: Take a moment to look at the article’s URL / web address above. Like, how funny is that?

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