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PRESS RELEASE: “Millennium Adventures” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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I wish I had more time for pen and paper RPGs as they can really be a blast to play, especially when you have a bunch of silly and imaginative friends with you. I myself participated in my first RPG just last year and unsurprisingly, my character was best known for the ability to shoot arcane missiles out of his gluteus maximus.  That’s the beauty of pen and paper RPGs…anything can happen. Speaking of which, I’d like to quickly introduce ““Millennium Adventures”, a new RPG that’ll be seeking your support on Kickstarter on April 10, 2014.




Co-Writer Mel Wayne offered the following press release:

Millennium Adventures: RPG book with Video, Maps, and Miniatures!


“John Carter of Mars meets The Matrix in a RPG Fantasy World!” 

Millennium: 25 years in the making, a world where you enter as yourself!


While it may be Cliff Robbins, Kyle Jacobs, and Mel Wayne’s first RPG book, ‘Millennium Adventures: Crater of Chaos’, bears all of the hallmarks of a future RPG classic. Not only does the book take players on a gripping journey through the Millennium landscape, but, as the co-authors tell us, “We have created a fusion of pen and paper role play game with modern Game Master aids.” In other words, they have combined an RPG book together with a high-quality video for the Game Masters and Players to see, and then move through, the amazing landscapes of Millennium. The book also features six poster-sized grid maps, global relief maps, and a line of 28mm miniatures.

According to Cliff Robbins, Creative Director, the Millennium Adventures: Crater of Chaos book, videos, maps, and miniatures will be launched on Kickstarter April 10th , the weekend of International TableTopGame Day.

As a Pathfinder Compatibility Licensed book, the 128-page adventure is based on the story world of

Millennium, a complete world the authors spent twenty-five years creating. The entire project is enhanced by their vision of the ideal Game Master support system, featuring top-quality Videos, poster-sized Grid Maps, and 24 x 32-inch global Relief Maps. Other products, such as a complete line of 28mm miniatures, are now under production.

The foundation for all the Role Play Game products is the planet, Millennium, a world that encompasses an entire globe, not just one territory or a single kingdom. The detailed relief and parchment maps of both the Upperworld and the Underworld depict more than 3,500 mythological names to complement the land masses, oceans, and the vast Underworld.

Millennium Adventures: Crater of Chaos, is the first of nine RPG books that come with Game Master aids such as a high-quality Video offered in 3 formats: MP4 video download; USB Video Card for computer and iPad; and a DVD Blue-Ray disc. Another Game Master aid are the six, 24 inch x 32 inch poster sized Grid Map systems that allows the Players to move their Miniatures through the main encounter areas of Millennium. The Global Relief Maps, also 24 inch x 32 inch poster size, allow the GM and players to see and study the landscapes, cities, kingdoms and empires of Millennium.

The Kickstarter campaign also offers Stretch Goals that unlock digital downloads, grid maps, and a complete line of detailed miniatures. For instance, when a backer pledges $30, he or she has the potential to unlock all digital flip books and PDF downloads. When a backer pledges $75, he or she has the potential to unlock the six, poster-sized Grid Maps. When a backer pledges $100, he or she has the potential of unlocking the entire line of Millennium miniatures from the Crater of Chaos book. And if that’s not enough, the authors also offer Optional Buys, such 7-piece Dice Sets and 11in x17in. illustrated prints of the characters signed by the artists.

You may review the Millennium Adventures Kickstarter preview site at:


Cliff Robbins, Kyle Jacobs, and Mel Wayne thank you for visiting their Kickstarter site.

Contact: Mel Wayne



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