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DGA FanMail: The Truly Inspirational Story

April 21st, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Being a games journalist isn’t all fun and games, despite what most people may think.  In fact, most of the time there’s a large bullseye right on your forehead.  You wouldn’t believe some of the crap that come out of people’s mouths (or fingertips) because you gave a particular game a “7/10” instead of an “8/10”.  Today I was thrown for a loop when I received a “thank you” email from a fan diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  His story ended up being so inspirational that I decided to donate $25.00 to the “National Multiple Sclerosis Society“.  It’s admittedly not much, but the best I can do with a mortgage and a house of five (nine if you count animals).

To protect his privacy, I omitted his name from the signature.  Still, I felt the rest of it was worth sharing:

“I just wanted to write a note of appreciation. I have been a lifelong reader and gamer up until 2 years ago when I developed relapsing progressive multiple sclerosis. MS affects different people in different ways and one of the ways it affected me was impairing my concentration. I can play a game that I already know how to play, but studying a rulebook to learn a new game isn’t possible. Another thing that isn’t possible (well, it’s possible but it isn’t safe) is driving, so I am not able to get to the gaming group meetings anymore. But I have been able to use your videos where I can pause and rewind as much as I want to teach me how to play soloable games in a manageable way. Your efforts have enabled me to once again enjoy the hobby that I thought was lost to me. Thank you.”

I had a very difficult time writing a personal reply, mainly because my words paled in comparison to his.  No matter what I seemed to say, it just wasn’t good enough.  If anything, his words reignited my passion for writing.  He hasn’t given up on the things he loves to do, despite his condition and the hardships that come with it.  These, I feel, are the truly inspirational and motivational stories worth paying attention to.

On that note: “Thank you, fellow gamer, for taking the time to reach out to me.  I wish you all the best during this difficult time and hope you continue to find ways to enjoy the things you love to do.”

To help spread the awareness of multiple sclerosis, I’ve included some links below:




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