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PRESS RELEASE: “Metacell: Genesis, The Card Game” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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Move over “Uno”!  Take a hike “Rummy”!  “Metacell: Genesis, The Card Game” is in town and currently seeking your help on Kickstarter.  In this easy-to-play card game for two to four players, you’ll be tasked with playing sets of same-colored cards in order to bank points for the end of the game.  If you’re lucky enough to play the same colors as your character, you’ll activate their special ability.  These can include powers that allow you to add to current sets (effectively increasing their point value) or even take extra turns.  It’s the kind of game you can introduce to your family on game night without worrying about complex rules and inappropriate content.  I’ll be posting a preview soon that goes into greater detail, but feel free to browse and/or support the game in the meantime if you like what you see!


“Metacell: Genesis, The Card Game”

“Metacell: Genesis, The Card Game”


Game creator Ian Terry from Products for Robots, Inc. offered the following press release:

“Metacell: Genesis, The Card Game is a 2-4 player family friendly battle game. Players take on the roll of one of four unique characters as they battle their friends using accessible match-3 mechanics. Characters have triggered powers that can be used in strategic ways to influence the outcome of the game. The game is over either when a player empties their hand completely or the deck is out of cards, whichever is first. However, the player with the most points wins, whether or not they were the player to end the game. With extremely fast gameplay, exciting endings, skill driven dynamics, and just a small touch of “take that” gameplay; Metacell: Genesis is a game with something for all ages. Join this quirky crew as they train for the trials to come, will you have what it takes to control the field and win the day? Take on your friends and family, and find out.” 

You can learn more about and support “Metacell: Genesis, The Card Game” by visiting the following websites:


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