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Clear for Takeoff

February 25th, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Clear for Takeoff” tells you almost everything you’ll need to know about this game right out of the gate…pardon the pun.  Players will be tasked with getting all three of the planes to take off and the first who does so wins the game.  Each player will receive three planes (small, medium, large) and will need to use action cards to move them from the hangar and down the runaway.  The larger the plane, the more cards you’ll have to play to move it.  Of course, taking off requires that the weather cooperates.  Special thanks to the folks at Blue Orange Games for providing me with a press copy for review purposes.



Once again I opted to do a video illustration showing off the components and gameplay, so check it out below.  Overall “Clear for Takeoff” isn’t a bad little game…very easy to play and the components are sound.  There are some strategic choices to be had but a lot of it requires you to draw the right cards at the right time.  This is an easy recommend for gamer families though hardcore gamers may find the strategy to be a bit lacking.  It supports up to four players and plays in about a half hour, so it’s an easy activity to utilize with kids looking for something to do.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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