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Chess: Introduction

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Put on your thinking caps (preferably the ones with intellect, not strength) and prepare to learn! 

Intellect…Good! Now put a shirt on.

For those of you with basic chess skills, feel free to skip this particular blog post.

The object of chess is to attack the enemy King in such a way where he cannot get out of capture in his next move. This is called, “checkmate”. Attacking the enemy King to where the King can block or escape from being taken on his next move is called, “check.” Be careful not to corner your opponent to where NONE of his pieces can move at all on his next move. If the enemy King is NOT in check and none of your enemy’s pieces can move, it’s a draw, or “stalemate.”

Sounds pretty simple right? Capture the enemy king while protecting your own, using the various pieces at your disposal to both attack and defend at the same time.

*Sigh* Okay…let me put it in a way you can relate to:


I can’t believe I’m using this as an example.

Imagine if the rules of football were changed so that all you had to do was sack the quarterback. Now imagine that the defense has a quarterback too. The teams have to protect their own quarterback while trying to sack theirs. Then, the snack vendors offer you a bottled water for fifteen bucks a piece and the overweight people covered in two separate colors of body paint start cussing loudly while the nerdy jocks covered in way too much Axe body spray put on nerd glasses and quote statistics from 1972…okay…happy place…deep breath…there we go.


Ahhh…Much better…GAHHH!!!!

Bringing this away from the overrated sport I used in the above example, this way of thinking opens up a whole array of possibilities. You could sacrifice half of your pieces and be outnumbered like William Travis during the Battle of the Alamo but if you manage to kill Santa Anna it’s game over. Maybe I should have used that instead of football…*shrug*.

In future posts I’ll talk about the pieces in detail. Stay tuned for more exciting tidbits from the wonderful world of not footba…chess.

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