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War for the Overworld (News)

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More and more games like “Dungeon Keeper” seem to be cropping up as of late, but I’m not going to complain.  There’s an obvious demand for the genre on today’s market, and I’m glad to see that more and more developers are taking notice.  With that said, I wanted to bring to your attention a current Kickstarter project by the name of “War for the Overworld.” I’d like to thank both Jack Wong and Alistair from Subterranean Games for reaching out to me and allowing me to try out the demo.  Since the game is still being developed, it should be noted that the content you see in this article is subject to change.  It should also be noted that the demo is extremely pre-Alpha at this point.

War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld: (PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Unity Web Player / Plugin)

Upon starting the game up, I was given the ability to change my screen resolution, controls, and toggle fullscreen.  Once in game, I was treated to a beautiful overview of what appeared to be the heart of the dungeon.  There was no direction or voiceover telling me what to do save for the in-game reference card that popped up, so I simply clicked on one of the minions scurrying around.  I ended up in direct control of it and I began exploring the environment in first person.  The scenery was colorful and setting appropriate…the gold piles seemed to sparkle and the lighting effects made the walls come to life.  I switched back to the overhead view and instructed my imps to start knocking down walls.  As they did so, I was able to assign rooms to particular tiles, but wasn’t sure how to go about completing and populating them.  I’m also pleased to report that I was able to knock down walls in first person mode after possessing one of the imps.  From what I’ve played thus far, I’m interested in seeing more.  If the game’s mechanics are as good as the artwork and scenery, then it could shape up to be something fantastic. 

War for the Overworld

Knocking down walls felt oddly satisfying.

If fully funded, the developers estimate a Beta release date of March 2013 and a final version release date of August 2013.  To that end, you can help support the game on its Kickstarter page, here:


You can also find more information on the official site, here:


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