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Unstoppable Gorg

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“Unstoppable Gorg” is an interesting tower defense game, mainly because it does something different than most.  While there are turrets involved, which is nothing new, you’ll be able to change their orbit so that you can position them as you see fit.  You’ll be fending off waves of alien ships that change their orbital path to the celestial body that you are defending, so you will need to move those turrets around quite a bit.

Unstoppable Gorg

Unstoppable Gorg (PC, Mac, XBox 360, iOS)

The main menu lets you play the main story, try out different challenges, and play an arcade mode that features never-ending waves.  There’s also an encyclopedia, a quick slide show of how to play, and the ability to adjust game options.  The options menu lets you change the sound levels and graphics quality in addition to full screen and subtitle toggles.  Screen resolution settings cover your standard resolutions, so no problems in this department.

Unstoppable Gorg Options

Options Menu

The story mode starts you out with very basic turrets, which are mainly used in collecting money, researching, and attacking.  The turrets that collect funds are obvious in their function, but the research turret takes a little explanation.  Rather than contribute to the current level, your research bar fills up when a research turret is present.  Should it fill completely, you’ll have research tokens that you can use for the next round.

Unstoppable Gorg Research

Don’t forget to build enough offensive turrets to stave off enemy ships.

As you advance, you’ll start earning more research tokens and have access to more turrets.  You’ll have to decide which turrets to take with you into the next level, along with where to spend your research tokens.  Assigning your research tokens on your turrets will unlock the ability to upgrade them in the upcoming level, but you still have to spend money during the level to do so.

Unstoppable Gorg Turrets

Try to pick the ones that compliment the enemies you’ll be facing.

Gameplay is pretty interesting, it certainly kept me on my toes, even on the easy difficulty level.  I was always torn between buying another turret or swinging the one I had around to account for the new orbital path the aliens were using to approach the celestial body.  I also had to consider that changing the orbit of one turret also affected any other turret along that same orbit.

Unstoppable Gorg Maps

They’ll be coming at you from all angles.

Overall, “Unstoppable Gorg” has a lot to offer and does it in a way that is a breath of fresh air.  I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in tower defense games.  If $9.99 is too much for your budget, Steam will sometimes lower its price during special sale promotions, so keep an eye out for them!

Final Verdict: 7/10

You can check out video play sessions here:

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