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Top Ten Two-Player Board Games

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We consider ourselves a gamer-family, though there are plenty of times where only two of us are available for a game when we’d like to do something together.  This, coupled with the suggestion from a friend that I make some sort of list, led me to this post.

The below is a list of my top-ten recommended two-player board games, though this list comes with a few caveats. For one, there’s no consideration to publication date.  Secondly, I only listed games that I actually own.  Lastly, there are PLENTY of games that work great as a two-player game but support more, however there were so many that I had to restrict my top ten list to two-player only games.  I did include a few exceptions in the honorable mentions section and honestly wanted to list more than I did.

Are there better two-player games out there than the ones I listed?  Probably…but again, there’s a good chance I’ve never played them (you know, because I’m human and all).  The list is done in video format, so go brew some popcorn and microwave some coffee…or something…and enjoy the show!  Links are provided here for your convenience, because I’m awesome that way.



Top Ten Two-Player Board Games:

10. Star Realms

9. Capo dei Capi

8. Quorsum

7. Jaipur

6. Jambo

5. The Duke

4. Chess

3. Hive

2. Trambahn

1. Lost Cities (Card Game)

Honorable Mentions: Khet, Mr. Jack in New York, One Zero One, Patchwork, Qwixx, Stratego: Fire & Ice Variant, The Rose King, Dead Man’s Draw, Machi Koro, Quadropolis, Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures, The Last Spike, Zombie Dice, Ticket to Ride: The Card Game, Forbidden Island, The Builders: Middle Ages, Splendor, Stockpile, CV, The Game, Star Trek: Five Year Mission, Dragonheart, NOIR, Battle Line

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