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The Princess Bride (News)

Game Salute announced earlier this year that “The Princess Bride” board game was in the works.  I know, I know…”Inconceivable!”  Not much is presently known about this party-themed game, but I did receive a preview pack in the mail, courtesy of Game Salute.

The preview pack contained fifty cards, give or take.  About half were made up of “Princess Bride” cards and the other half were made up of “Hello! My name is” cards.  On the former of said cards, there’s some sort of silly saying followed by “prepare to die!” On the latter of said cards, there’s the name of a famous person.  I was also provided with three different ways to play, though they all seemed to revolve around the same theme.  Essentially, this preview pack is a card judging game similar to “Apples to Apples” and “Crappy Birthday”.  The full game, I’m told, will feature hundreds of cards.

The Princess Bride Board Game

You reviewed my board game…prepare to die!”

Game Salute describes the game in their recent press release:

“Londonderry, NH, May 8, 2013 – Game Salute is proud to announce The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die, designed in-house by Jeremy Anderson and Dan Yarrington.

The Princess Bride is a terrific book (by William Goldman) and film (by Rob Reiner).  In it, Inigo Montoya has trained his whole life to become a great swordsman so he can look at the six-fingered man and say, “Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.”

The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die is a party game based around this iconic line.  Instead of Inigo Montoya delivering the line, however, you have various famous people such as Princess Zelda, Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla.  They’re also avenging things other than the murder of their father, with lines like, “You drank my milkshake” or “You sheared my alpaca.”

Your objective is to make the best combinations of people out for vengeance and reasons to feel vengeful.” http://gamesalute.com/game-salute-announces-the-princess-bride-prepare-to-die/

A Kickstarter campaign is expected to pop up shortly.  I’ll be interested to see what other features and play modes this game has to offer.  Until then, let the “…prepare to die!” references commence!


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