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Darkwood Makes Its Way Onto Indiegogo, Aims To Scare Your Pants Off (5-8-13 News)

Rougelikes seem to be the trend as of late, this particular one being a top-down sandbox survival horror game.  This recent project from Acid Wizard Studio draws some similarities to “Teleglitch” in that it features an eerie atmosphere, a crafting system, and the ability to send your adrenaline levels to all new heights.

In “Darkwood”, you have no idea who you are and find yourself in a forest somewhere in an alternate reality eastern Europe.  Your only hope in discovering your identity is an oprhan child who somehow knows something about your past.  Besides crafting and the feeling of dread that comes with horror games, “Darkwood” features a permadeath system, a procedurally generated map with each new game, perks & abilities, and challenging gameplay.

Acid Wizard Studio is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo (similar to Kickstarter).  Take a gander at the trailer below and if you like what you see, feel free to help make it a reality.  It personally looks like a lot of fun.  Games that scare the pants off of you are among my favorites and in that category, “Darkwood” aims to please.



You can learn more about and support the game via the below links:






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