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Star Wars: Empire At War

This particular ditty was released back in 2006 and at the time, I couldn’t have been more excited.  A game like this was a long time coming, as the last title to have a similar theme (“Star Wars: Rebellion”) was released back in 1998.  I won’t bother reviewing a game that is well over five years old, but I will say that it was an incredible feat and achievement.

Essentially, the player will control either the Rebels or the Imperials and attempt to wipe the other out.  Galactic Conquest mode will let you play a game similar to what you may have experienced in “Star Wars: Rebellion”.  You’ll attempt to grow your empire by capturing planets, which in turn gives you more money in which to expand further and build fleets.  Unlike “Rebellion”, you’ll be in complete control of both space and land battles, though you can automate them if you wish.  Skirmish modes are available for those who just want a quick fix, though it doesn’t do Galactic Conquest justice.

An expansion was released later that year (“Forces of Corruption”) that adds a third faction.  This faction resembles a pirate faction that acts very differently during Galactic Conquest mode. I honestly wasn’t very fond of this new faction, as spreading corruption around for the sake of earning credits was tedious and repetitive.  The expansion also forced all three to be played in Galactic Conquest mode, rather than allowing you to pick and choose which factions would be present.  Luckily, Steam lets me load the core game and not the expansion when I want to eliminate this faction.

You can check out the game in further detail by watching my gameplay videos below:

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