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Star Trek XVIII: The Search For Better Lyrics

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There’s a lot I know about Star Trek, but this particular tidbit took me by surprise. First, it’s important to know that Alexander Courage created the original theme song to Star Trek. Unknownst to Courage, Gene Roddenberry wrote lyrics to the original theme with the sole purpose of receiving royalties from the profits of that theme song. The theme was obviously never released that way (as was intended), and after listening to the theme with the lyrics included, I’m glad it didn’t.

Star Trek Lyrics:


The rim of the star-light

My love

Is wand’ring in star-flight

I know

He’ll find in star-clustered reaches


Strange love a star woman teaches.

I know

His journey ends never

His star trek

Will go on forever.

But tell him

While he wanders his starry sea

Remember, remember me.

Yeah…pretty much.

Jack Black actually sings the song in a rare recording, link below. Skip to forty seconds to get to the actual song.


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