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One of my favorite “challenges” from “Hell’s Kitchen” is the craps knockoff that tasks chefs with rolling a die and naming an ingredient using the letter rolled.  “Scattergories” is for the most part exactly like that: teams roll a die, a letter is determined, and teams have to come up with words that not only start with that letter, but fit the categories chosen for the round. Before you ask…yes, it’s harder than it sounds, especially when that sand timer is “ticking” away.



Scattergories: 2+ Players, Ages 13+, Average Play Time = 30 Minutes



The game includes 4 Folders, 1 Answer Pad, 20-Sided Die, 32 Category Cards, and 1 Sand Timer.

Setup & Gameplay

Players form up to four teams, though you can play solo if you’d like.  Each player/team gets a folder, pen/pencil (not included), an answer sheet (which is inserted into the slot on the folder), and a category list.  It’s important that all teams pick the same numbered list!

The die is rolled, the letter is called out, and the timer is flipped.  Each team will converse with themselves (quietly so as not to give away answers) and write in answers on the answer sheet. Each answer sheet has three columns and fifteen rows…the former is for players to put up to three answers for each of the fifteen categories on the numbered category list.  Answers must fit the category and start with the letter rolled.  When the time runs out, players stop writing.

Each team then takes turns reading their answers aloud, one category at a time.  Teams score one point for each different, acceptable answer…double for repeating the rolled letter as the first letter (ex. Spongebob Squarepants).  After each category has been scored, players total their score and start a new round.  The second round works the same way, though if the same letter is rolled, roll again until you come across a different one.  Teams use the same category list from the first round.

The team with the most points after two rounds, wins the game!

Editor’s Note: The above doesn’t cover all of the rules found in the manual, but should give you an idea as to how the game is played.

The Review

There’s honestly not much to say about this one.  The components work just fine, though the die is pretty big so you may want to roll it in the box to prevent any sort of damage all-around.  Pencils or pens would have been a nice inclusion, but this is by no means a deal-breaker.  There’s a generous supply of double-sided answer sheets, though you may want to scan one so that you can print more out later should you run out (or just use notebook paper).  I picked it up for $17.99 at Toys R’ Us and don’t regret the purchase as the family really seemed to enjoy this word teaser.

Final Verdict: 7/10 


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