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PRESS RELEASE: “The Guardians: Explore” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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Deck Building games like “Dominion” are popular for a reason: they allow players to define how their deck will take shape throughout the course of the game.  “The Guardians: Explore”, a game seeking your help on Kickstarter, seems to be somewhat similar in that regard.  In this case, you’ll be not only drafting and redefining your deck, but working with others at times to fight off some really nasty foes.  I’ve always wondered what a cooperative deck builder would play like as all of the ones I own are competitive in nature.  It’s great to see new ideas like this come to light and change the way we think about the games we all know and love.




Game creator Jonathon Ruland offered the following press release:

The Guardians: Explore; Unique Deck Builder Game, now on Kickstarter

The Guardians: Explore, a strategic deck refinement game launched on Kickstarter, takes the idea of the deck building game to the next level. This game utilizes drafting, simultaneous play, hidden quests, worker placement, area manipulation and team boss fight mechanics to create a completely unique gameplay experience.

It’s spring break in Arthursburg, a time when kids set out on heroic quests of excitement and imagination. But this year, the danger and magic are real – the residents and wildlife around town have been transformed into evil monsters bent on total destruction!

Only you and your friends have the power and wits to rise up and save your loved ones from this unknown evil.
To defeat the monstrous hordes that are spreading chaos and evil everywhere they go.
To become the legendary heroes who will save the people of Arthursburg.

The Guardians: Explore is a strategic deck refinement game where you fight monsters, sometimes cooperatively, for trophies. The game takes place over two game chapters. In the first chapter, the warm up, players select a hidden quest to attempt to complete and choose thirteen guardian cards to supplement their seven generic cards. These will drive players’ strategy for the second game chapter. In the second chapter, the battle, you have six individual turns and two cooperative turns to acquire as many trophies as possible and claim the title of true guardian. As players defeat monsters within the city they are able to construct blanket forts to make the location’s benefit available to the group. When all the players work together against the team bosses they are all rewarded if they are successful, but if they can’t band together to defeat the boss they’ll be punished and so will the city!

As an independent developer, I need Kickstarter’s help.  Our Kickstarter campaign, http://goo.gl/KL3GBd, is crowdfunding the completion of the artwork for the project and ordering the first print run. The majority of these funds are being invested in the first print run and the rest is going to the artists to finish their wonderful work. Once the games are manufactured and shipped to all the Kickstarter backers I will be sending demo copies to various game stores across the US and working with distributors to get copies on shelves in stores around the world!

About The Guardians: Explore

The Guardians: Explore is a strategic deck refinement game where you fight monsters, sometimes cooperatively, for trophies. Whoever collects the most trophies claims the title of true guardian. Find out more about this innovative game at http://goo.gl/KL3GBd.

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