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PRESS RELEASE: “MIND-The Fall of Paradise” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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While there are a lot of sci-fi themed board games out there, “MIND-The Fall of Paradise” strikes me as pretty unique.  A lot of the games I’ve played in the aforementioned genre often involve players building up a fleet or race of some sort with the goal of taking out their opponents.  “MIND-The Fall of Paradise” is admittedly a little like that, though players won’t be starting on equal footing.  Rather, one player will become an all-powerful A.I. called “MIND”  while the others assume the role of rebel leaders who aren’t thrilled to have the A.I. running things.  I must admit that this idea has a lot of merit and I’ll be really interested to see how it’ll take shape after the Kickstarter campaign ends.




Game Designer Vladimir Teneslav offered the following press release:

“In the same day that the Rosetta spacecraft landed on the comet, MIND – The Fall of Paradise landed on Kickstarter. What do they both have in common? Space exploration and most of all, the sign of ambition.

Vladimir Teneslav is the sole creator and designer and has been working on the boardgame for the past couple of years of his life, dedicating most of his time, passion and financial resources. Was his effort in vain? You be the judge.

MIND is an artificial intelligence that was created as a desperate measure by the population of Earth. It was the first time in history when an A.I was given executive authority over people and this created a counter force, called the Rebellion. But this battle was not the only one, as all 15 districts of Earth were at war one with the each other and this chaos was bringing Earth closer to its doom.

During the game, one player becomes MIND, and up to 3 other players take the roles of rebel leaders and each side wins the game by gaining a certain number of achievements, such as having enough colonies, citizens, etc before the enemy gains theirs. The rebels manage themselves and their party of followers, they equip items, interact with other citizens and operate different types of structure found inside colonies. MIND plays more of a strategy game where he develops researches, builds structures and machines and handles the world conflict, trying to delay the destruction of Earth as much as he can.

The game is scenario based and has room for limitless user created scenarios that make for fun and unique games. It also comes with lots of spaceship and structure miniatures, cards and tokens, making it a perfect choice for players that look for an immersive sci-fi experience.

If you like how this all sounds, please consider taking a look at the in depth video tutorials, the alpha rules and the preview from the Dice Tower, all presented on the Kickstarter page. Come and become a citizen of Lyanon and help this ambitious project come to life in order to land on the store shelves.”

You can learn more about and support “MIND-The Fall of Paradise” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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