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PRESS RELEASE: “LINEAGE” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

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Not only was I immediately impressed by the artwork featured in the prototype, I was blown away by the idea of a tabletop game that featured martial arts.  Players in “LINEAGE” will be in control of both a master and a student piece.  The general idea is for players to pass off knowledge from the master to the student in order to win the game.  One player, however, will assume the role of an emperor who will be trying to stop the other players by making use of his armies.  It’s an interesting concept that I feel deserves further attention.





Game developer Justin Waggle from Gray Wolf Games had this to say:

MEDIA CONTACT: NATASHA HARRIS, 925‐998‐4246, natasha@graywolfgames.org

Martial Arts traditions live on in the new board game LINEAGE
Inaugural board game from Gray Wolf Games launching on Kickstarter on January 31

Justin Waggle and Rick Robinson seek funding for their new board game LINEAGE. Justin Waggle designed LINEAGE based on his training in traditional Chinese internal and external martial arts at The Taoist Institute. Game lovers familiar with the randomized tile board of The Settlers of Catan and path finding elements from Tsuro will feel right at home with LINEAGE.

In development for over three years, LINEAGE launches on Kickstarter with proven game mechanics and final artwork. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game at $39, including free shipping to individuals in the contiguous United States. LINEAGE has been play tested by various groups including the First Exposure Play Test Hall at Indy GEN CON. LINEAGE is the first board game to be officially recognized by the Martial Arts History Museum and will feature the museum’s logo on its box.

About the game

Masters secretly train students to become martial arts lineage holders while an ambitious new emperor tries to unify his people under one banner. Deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy, this game carries with it the concepts of yin and yang, the four seasons, chi (energy), and the eight directions.

Players control two pieces and must move one of them to a new space on the board each turn. As a master, you aspire to train your student, preserve your lineage, and move your pieces to the center tile. One player controls the emperor and his general and seeks to place markers at the four corners of the board to win control of the empire.

Can the masters preserve their martial arts lineage by passing on their sacred knowledge? Or will the Emperor triumph in his attempt to quell uprisings and unify his people? Expect a different game each time you play LINEAGE.

Number of Players: 2‐6 players, Recommended ages: 12+, Time required: 20 minutes per player

Natasha Harris, Media Relations
5229 Satsuma Ave #2, North Hollywood, CA 91601
Email: natasha@graywolfgames.org
Phone: 925‐998‐4246

Gray Wolf Games website: http://www.graywolfgames.org
Press Page: http://www.graywolfgames.org/press
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/graywolfgames
Twitter: https://twitter.com/graywolfgames

You can learn more about and support “LINEAGE” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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