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PRESS RELEASE: “Castle Dukes” Seeking Support On Kickstarter

Games like “Rampage” are notoriously fun for when you want to break things and tear down a city, but what if a game came along that let you purchase rooms and structures in order to build 3D castles?  It just so happens that you can in “Castle Dukes”, a game that’s currently on Kickstarter right now, and has already reached 30% of its funding goal as of the date of this posting.  It supports 1-4 players and is for ages 12+ with an average play time of 60 minutes.



Dominic Michael H from Medieval Lords offered the following:

Your hands tremble as you cautiously place a Pillar between your castle levels. While a high risk manoeuvre, this will greatly stabilize your castle in the long run. Two travelling Princesses had already passed your fortress up in favor of other more fluffy castles, and a Knight had chosen to stake out for the great Dragon in a neighboring fortress that he had assumed to be ‘better equipped’ than yours to take on the legendary creature. His loss.

You did bag the majestic presence of a royal King though, with your thick walls that would impress even the most grumpy of stone masons. Alas, these very same walls have been shaking in the recent months with every slight tremor in the earth, and heavy stonework you lay over this cold stronghold you call home. No matter – this Pillar is the key to making everything right again. A trickle of sweat enters your eye, the salt burning your eyeball and forcing that inevitable blink. *BAP* Your fingers push the Pillar ever so subtly into the upper ceiling of your 4th storey, and suddenly everything crumbles down around you in the hair breadth of a second. Your eyes widen in dismay as you watch on helplessly, and your lips harden into a thin line as you resign to your ill fate. The levels and Pillars cave in on themselves, destroying the beautiful rooms you so carefully planned through the years.

Welcome to the world of Castle Dukes, a game with an exciting amalgamation of dexterity and strategy. Smart purchasing decisions will be needed to beat your rivals in gaining the favor of nobles passing through the land, and clever room and structure placement will determine the difficulty of your path. A little sleight of hand would come in rather handy in this game too!

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