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Mayhem Intergalactic

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing a couple of strategy games set in space as of late and I’m pleased to add another one to that list.  Mayhem Intergalactic is a 4x, turn based strategy game that tasks the player(s) with eliminating everyone else on the map.  Before we take a look at the game in further detail, I’d like to thank Chris Pelling from Inventive Dingo for sending me a free review copy.

Mayhem Intergalactic

Mayhem Intergalactic (PC)

Mayhem Intergalactic is similar to Eufloria, Oil Rush, and Planets Under Attack, though it sets itself apart in that it is turn-based as opposed to real-time.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “turn-based”, it describes a method of play that involves advancing through the game via an “end turn” button activated by the player.  The games of the Civilization and Galactic Civilizations series were designed this way.

The game itself features both single and multiplayer along with your standard set of options.  There’s also a “help” button on the main menu for new players that need an overview of the rules and how the game is played.  In single player, you can play against the AI utilizing various degrees of difficulty (up to seven AI players) or you can challenge others in local or network multiplayer.  I appreciate that they added the option to include AI bots in multiplayer matches.

Mayhem Intergalactic Options

Options Menu

Mayhem Intergalactic Help

Help Menu

The rules are fairly simple: eliminate everyone else.  The million dollar question however is how to go about doing that, which is probably why I found the game so appealing.  Each player will start off with a planet under their control, which can vary depending on how they choose to set up the game.  From there, they’ll have two options: upgrade factories (one per turn) and move ships from planet to planet.  Once all players have keyed in their actions and have hit “end turn”, all of the actions play out for the process to begin anew.  It’s an incredibly simple set of rules, but the strategy element will keep players engaged from start to finish.

Mayhem Intergalactic Start Game

Empires start out small…

Mayhem Intergalactic Map

…but can quickly expand if you play your cards right.

Combat is relatively straight forward and most of the time, having more ships that your opponent will result in the planet you’re attacking to be captured.  One of the important decisions you’ll have to make however is whether or not you actually would want to upgrade a particular planet…planets don’t generate ships while they are being upgraded.  Getting the planet upgraded over a few turns would certainly help in the long run, but makes it prone to be captured without adequate forces there to protect it.

Mayhem Intergalactic Ships

Another factor to consider is the length of time it takes to get from one planet to another.

To add icing to the cake, you’ll have a vast array of options to choose from in setting up the initial game.  You’ll be able to determine the galaxy size, enable or disable fog of war, prevent players from upgrading factories, set time limits so that players don’t take forever to make their move, and so on.  I’m a big fan of sandbox modes because I like having the ability to play my games how I want…there’s nothing more disappointing than playing a game that doesn’t allow you to use your imagination.  The initial setup options that this game offers satisfied those needs “to a T”.

Mayhem Intergalactic Pregame

Initial Setup Menu / Single Player

Other features that caught my eye are the achievements and the in-game multiplayer chat box.  The latter is certainly a welcome feature, especially when playing against other live combatants who don’t have voice programs like Ventrilo.  Users will also have the ability to download custom maps and/or make their own, which is a nice bonus.  If there was one thing I’d like to see added to this game, it’s the ability to set teams.  At the time of writing (10/5/12), I didn’t see this option, but I feel it would add even more replayability to single and multiplayer skirmishes.

Mayhem Intergalactic Stats

Another cool feature is the ability to view the game after it is over and done with.

Overall, Mayhem Intergalactic is a fun, space themed strategy game that I intend to keep coming back to as time permits.  Games like this are proof that you don’t need overly complex rules to enjoy strategy games.  It’s also quick and easy to pick up and play, which makes it an ideal choice during busy days where I don’t have a lot of downtime.  It really shines in multiplayer, especially since everyone has their own prefered method of running an empire…unpredictable opponents certainly make the game more interesting.  If you’re a fan of turn based strategy games, then I recommend giving this particular one a go.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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