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Is Overtime Really Worth It?

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The working lower / middle class get the crap end of the stick. They make just enough money that they don’t qualify for any form of assistance but hardly enough to live comfortably. Some people combat this by going to school in the hopes that a degree will earn them a better paying job or by working insane amounts of overtime. Is it really beneficial however to work all those extra hours?

The sad truth is, some don’t have a choice. Some people have to work crazy hours just to pay the rent and my heart goes out to them and the kids who never see their mom or dad. If you’re in that kind of situation, I urge you to find a way to take online courses or get at least a certificate or degree so that you have a better chance of getting hired somewhere that will pay you more so you have to work less. A good resume’ can make it or break it as well. It also helps to reduce unnecessary expenses like alcohol, smoking, and other things we can live without.

Battle Beasts, though awesome when I was a kid, aren’t necessary for your survival.

If you DO have a choice and are debating on whether or not you should work overtime then you have a few things to think about. Is it a one time deal for a couple of hours or are we talking working sixty hours a week every week? Do you have a family / kids? Do you enjoy the job you’re at?

Honestly, I’m of the belief that when you have kids and you can afford to say no, then speak up. Nothing is more important in this life than your kids. You won’t be able to watch them grow if you’re stuck behind a desk or serving fries. The extra money may be nice, but to retain your sanity and survive as a parent, one must find a balance. Some people are able to go twelve-hour days, come home to their family, spend time with them, and only operate on two hours of sleep. These hypothetical someones would not be me.

If it’s for a few hours and your kid has a birthday coming up, then I’d say go for it, but do your kid the courtesy (if they’re old enough) to fill them in so they aren’t worrying about where you are. You’d be surprised what goes through their little heads when something unexpected happens.

Except for when they’re say, at the circus.

There are some people who go to work and ENJOY what they do. If you don’t have kids and working long hours won’t affect your personal life and happiness then by all means, cash in. If you’re being paid salary and no OT, I’d recommend sticking to your scheduled hours and be done with it. Most people go to work because they HAVE to and most of the time it’s to perform work they don’t enjoy doing. If you see yourself working for free then it’s time to take a step back and examine your options.

In this life we only live once, I don’t intend to spend mine rotting away missing out on both spending time with the people I love and enjoying the finer things in life. Jobs will come and go but in the end your kids will always be there looking to you for guidance and affection. Why not choose to spend time with the things that truly matter while you still can?

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