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Happy New Year! (2012)

December 30th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Just dropping a quick line wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

2011 has been quite a ride for me. Buying a home, being promoted at work, being a full-time father…as stressful and crazy as it all has been, I’m thankful for those that have supported me during those times. I won’t list names on a public forum for privacy reasons but you all know who you are.

A note to my younger, more energetic readers: If you plan to go out and party, please be safe and drink responsibly.

Designated drivers are generally a good idea.

May 2012 bring you the strength to make it through difficult times and the wisdom to solve any new problems that come your way. May the passing of time remind us to cherish what and who we have, especially those who have seen us at our worst and helped us to become our best.

Here’s to you, 2011. Thanks for giving us another full year to do what we all do best, annoy the hell out of other people. :)

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