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Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve often maintained that you haven’t lived life to its fullest until you’ve become a parent. Today happens to be the day that we recognize the female of the human species responsible for bringing new life into this world. While not all mothers deserve this honor, there is one in particular that I wanted to recognize for her contributions in my life.

I have to be honest, I’ve been through a lot and therefore don’t trust a lot of people. In fact, I downright despise being social with just about anyone. I have trust issues, mainly because I’ve come to realize that many people have their own selfish agendas. There are a lot of people who forget manners and simple courtesies in order to see those agendas met. Yet, there are a rare few that I know that I can count on when I need help…my mom happens to be one of them.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the person that has been there for me when the weight of the world started to get too heavy. As I look back, I’ve seen a consistent behavior of her dropping everything to come to my aid when I needed it, without me asking for help. For as down to earth as she is, she’s also a very wise woman and doesn’t hesitate to bend over backwards for others. I guess she proves that you don’t have to be a big person to have a big heart.

For your Mother’s Day present, mom, I’m adding a few more weeks to your tally for when I’m putting you in a home. Just kidding, you know what I mean. Readers, did I mention that she has a great sense of humor? ;)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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