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Dungeon Defenders: Farming Level 74 Mythical Gear

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So, you’ve reached level 74 and you are not sure where to go next. At this point, your gear can probably get you through some of the insane maps but nothing is dropping to help you tackle the nightmare maps. After some painstaking research and a little trial and error, I’ve managed to collect and lock mythical gear for my future toons to use. Mythical gear is the next step in tier once you reach level 74. What maps and what classes did I use to get the mythical gear, you ask? Keep reading.

Dungeon Defenders Maps

Overview: You’ll only need to do wave one, loot the chests, quit to tavern, and repeat. This can be done solo.

Map: Endless Spires

Difficulty: Nightmare, Hardcore

Classes: Apprentice / Adept or Squire / Countess

Pet: Apprentice or Squire Guardian

*Note – I prefer the Countess over the Squire, she runs faster. More on that in a minute.

*Note – Nightmare mode unlocked for those who pre-ordered the “Quest For The Lost Eternia Shards” DLC.

Build Phase: You’re going to want someone with a fast run speed so that you can collect the mana from the treasure chests and place your towers before the time limit expires. If you are using someone other than the Apprentice / Adept or Squire / Countess class, you’ll also need time to switch classes before you setup the towers. I’ve been able to manage just fine however with my Apprentice and Countess…my Squire currently runs too slow.

Dungeon Defenders Endless Spires

Start by getting this treasure chest, closest to your spawn point.

Dungeon Defenders Endless Spires

Go up, then down the stairs to get the next treasure chest.

Dungeon Defenders Endless Spires

Turn around and go up the stairs, then turn right up another set of stairs.

Dungeon Defenders Endless Spires

Collect this treasure chest and immediately jump on it. Your goal is to jump across the large chasm.

Dungeon Defenders Endless Spires

Hope you’re not prone to motion sickness.

Dungeon Defenders Endless Spires

Once you land on the ledge on the bottom level, collect the treasure chest near you.

Dungeon Defenders Endless Spires

Finally, get the last treasure chest by running along the bottom level, up the stairs and down the stairs again.


This works for any class. As I mentioned before, you’ll want to switch at this point if you’re not using the class that will be placing the towers. Click on the below links for the layouts.

Apprentice Setup – You’ll be using three deadly striker towers and one magic barrier. You’ll start off by collecting the mana from the fallen mobs before the Ogre spawns. If you have collected enough, build another deadly striker in between the two crystals & deadly striker towers facing towards the middle. You’ll be attacking the ogre, maintaining agro, and kiting him around the middle while your deadly strikers wallop on him.

Dungeon Defenders Magic Barrier

This barrier will help slow down the mobs, giving your time for your deadly striker tower to pick them off.

Dungeon Defenders Deadly Striker

Place this one behind the lone crystal, facing the stairs slightly where your magic barrier is.

Dungeon Defenders Deadly Striker

Place the other two deadly strikers as far back on the little square as possible, facing the middle.

Dungeon Defenders Ogre

Kite the ogre around the two crystals towards the middle, then back around toward the back again in one big oval / circle. If you have time and are quick, build a third deadly striker between the two shown in the picture using mana you may have picked up from fallen mobs.

Dungeon Defenders Ogre

If you venture too far out in the middle, sometimes this deadly striker will pull agro. The tower will go down before the crystal, so just be sure to regain agro and pull the ogre away ASAP, bringing him back towards the middle and the other two towers.

Dungeon Defenders Ogre

Once the wave is complete, quickly switch characters first before looting the treasure chests. The loot will reflect whoever opens the chest, so you can effectively switch out characters, loot, and hopefully pick up a weapon they can use once they hit 74 if they aren’t already.

Squire Setup – You’re going to have four bouncer turrets and three harpoon turrets. Place the harpoons on the side the ogre will be coming up. Rather than kiting, you’ll be repairing the bouncer turret repeatedly until your harpoons can take down the ogre.

Dungeon Defenders Bouncer

Place the first bouncer on the stairs by the lone crystal.

Dungeon Defenders Bouncer

The second one should go toward the top of the stairs, on the side where the ogre would not be spawning.

Dungeon Defenders Bouncer

The rest should go on the side where the ogre will be spawning. You’ll be standing where I am, moving just close enough to repair the bouncer further down the stairs.

Dungeon Defenders Ogre

If, for whatever reason, your bouncer gets destroyed, setup harpoons behind the one in the back and try to hold out long enough by repairing that one. It won’t be the ideal position, but if the ogre is close to death it may be enough to finish him off.

Dungeon Defenders Mythical

After looting the treasure chests with whichever character you wish, return to the tavern and repeat the first wave repeatedly to get more loot.


I hope this screenshot gallery / guide has helped…if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below.

  1. pootzko
    October 27th, 2014 at 04:14 | #1

    wow, thanks. i thought i will give up the game because i thought it would take too much to get any mythical gear, but after a few tries, I managed to win the first wave with your strategy (and a few minor tweaks) and it seems promising. thanks!

    • Vincent
      October 27th, 2014 at 05:45 | #2

      This article is a bit old, so Trendy may have tweaked the level and first wave a bit. Still, glad to be of help!

      • October 28th, 2014 at 03:43 | #3

        one more quick question – do you know weather the amount of towers built on map affects the chest drops? do I get better chest drops if there is less towers built? because the first time I succeeded in doing this, by the end of the wave I only had 4 or 5 strikers I think. now I manage to build up 9 of them and I often get 0-1 mythical items per run. thanks

        • Vincent
          October 28th, 2014 at 05:44 | #4

          Not to my knowledge. I thought it was a random drop myself, but I admittedly haven’t played DD1 in a while. Playing the DD2 Pre-Alpha makes me want to load this up again, though.

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