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Do Your Job (Preview)

“Do Your Job”, a unique card game that features two different ways to play, will be hitting Kickstarter soon.  It’s designed to be a quick filler in between longer games, or simply for when you and your family only have ten minutes to spare on game night.  Before we sneak a peak at what makes it tick, I’d like to thank Billy Mearns from Wicked Manatee Games for reaching out to me and providing me with a prototype copy.  It’s important to note that the artwork on the prototype copy is not final.

Do Your Job

Do Your Job: 2-5 Players, Ages 5+, Average Play Time = 5-15 Minutes

In the first variant (called “Corporate Ladder”), players will be using all of the cards.  These cards consist of job cards (orange colored) and job item cards (blue colored).  In this particular game, the values on the cards are ignored.  The deck is shuffled and each player receives four cards.  Two cards are drawn face down, side by side, next to the deck.  On a player’s turn, they’ll draw a card from any pile, move a card from one pile to another, and discard a card (face down on the deck, face up on the other two piles).  Players can perform these three actions in any order they wish.  A player’s goal will be to have one orange job card and three blue job items cards that sync up with one another.  Each job card lists two different item sets a player will need to win, so players can shoot for either one depending on their hand.

In the other variant (called “Cops & Robbers”), players will be aiming to earn the most bet points.  Each player gets an orange cop card, an orange robber (magician) card, and the blue number cards ranging from one to ten.  During a round, players will place their bets simultaneously by placing a blue card face up.  After that, players choose another blue card and an orange card to play, face down.  The face down blue card will serve as the point card, which determines who wins the bets.  The orange card serves as the possible modifier, which can rearrange or flip cards during the round.  The winner of the round keeps the bet cards, the point cards are discarded, and the orange cards are returned to their owner.  The person with the most points (based off of the bet cards) after so many rounds wins the game.

Do Your Job

Job Card, Job Item Card

Both games are very simple to learn and to play, though the cops and robbers variant can be a bit of a mind binder.  In all honesty, this game is best suited for younger kids and not something I would play with other adults.  As a parent however, I can easily see myself playing a quick game or two with Vinnie (12) as time permitted.  The game itself is small and portable, making it a good game for the kids to bring over to grandma’s house (or what have you) in case she inherited babysitting duty.  If you have kids and enjoy quick and easy to play card games, then you may want to feast your eyes on “Do Your Job”.

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You can watch the developer’s tutorial video of the game, here:

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