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Constant C

Sometimes, the simplest things can turn out to be the most difficult.  Such is the case with “Constant C”, a 2D platformer that lets you play as a rescue robot.  Your goal will be to fix the Superlunimal Space Station from the time-freeze that it’s stuck in by completing various puzzles.  Successfully completing these puzzles will not only assist in repairing the station, but bring you one step closer into discovering the unspoken truths behind the incident.  Before we take a look at this game in closer detail, I’d like to thank Han-Wei Wang for reaching out and providing me with a free review copy.

Constant C

Constant C (Windows)

Upon booting up, you’ll be thrust into your last played save.  There is no main menu screen, though you can access a settings menu by hitting escape at any time.  From there, you’ll be able to adjust sound levels, view the control scheme, change some video settings, and access the save file menu.  The save file menu appeared to come with four slots where you could either save in a new slot or load an existing one.  The game autosaves when you enter a new room, updating your current save file automatically.  It’s worth noting that there is gamepad support, but no mouse support (with the exception of zooming and panning the camera).  I like the fact that there are multiple profiles, as it allows two or more family members of the same household the luxury of being addicted to the same game at the same time.

The game starts you off with a few easy levels, but quickly ramps up in difficulty puting your intellect to the test.  Your goal in each level is to make it to exit and if possible, collect storage devices.  Storage devices allow the AI computer you’ll meet to unlock new areas of the station and video logs to unravel the mysteries surrounding the plot.  Blocking your way are various traps and obstacles that you’ll need to manuever around.  Your character has no health bar, so should you take a wrong turn somewhere, you’ll need to start the level over again.  It’s also worth noting that your robot is not immune to fall damage…fall too far, and kablooey.  One of my chief complaints is the lack of an undo button or quick save feature that would allow me to retry a particularly tough section of a level.  Fortunately, levels don’t take that long to complete on average, so the amount of replaying you’ll be forced to do should you mess up is limited.

Constant C

Storage devices are often hidden in tough, out of the way places.

Eventually, you’ll come across two gameplay mechanics that will change the way you’d normally treat a standard 2D platformer.  The first of these involves time manipulation, which allows you to unfreeze objects in order to move them around the environment.  All objects are static by default, but you can unfreeze them from time by bringing them inside the radius of the character’s time circle.  Correctly using this mechanic will allow the player to create platforms and stepping-stones that will see them across hazardous areas.  The second of the two mechanics involves gravity manipulation, which essentially rotates the screen and simulates a change in gravity.  Using this feature will allow players to gain access to areas not normally accessible.

All in all, “Constant C” is a solid platformer that not only promotes critical thinking, but is fun to play.  The art style is well done and often sucked me in to playing more than I probably should be during a single session.  Levels flow from one to the next fairly well, though there will be occasions where you’ll be forced to sit and think about how to pass areas that look and feel different than what you’re accustomed to.  I admit, some of the levels can be frustrating at times, especially since there’s no quick reload feature.  However, I felt a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the light bulb went off and I figured out how to complete difficult areas.  The game features over one hundred levels, so there’s plenty of brainy-goodness here to sink your teeth into.  As a parent, I’d easily recommend this game to others who have kids for its educational value.  Even if you’re not a parent, there’s plenty here to keep you busy for a good, long while.

Constant C

The AI computer does a great job in explaining a lot of the game’s concepts, making it an easy recommend for players of all ages.

The game features a free demo via the links below, should you wish to try before you buy.  The demo contains roughly forty levels for you in which to get your feet wet.  It’s also worth noting that “Constant C” will be featured on IndieGameStand from 6/28/13 thru 7/2/13.  At the time of writing (6/4/13), the game has a sale price of $9.99.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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