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*Clever Title Removed Due To Copyright Infringement*

January 18th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve already posted an article about what SOPA is, but I think a preview of what the Internet will look like if the bill were passed is warranted.

You see, in a world with SOPA, everyone would be so afraid to post anything because the wording on the bill itself is vague. Anything could be construed as an infringement on rights, like in that one movie *due to copyright infringement, the name of the movie has been omitted.* Sorry, forgot, can’t talk about that. Maybe a visual representation…

Turns out I can’t do that either.

Anyway, as I was saying, the wording on the bill is pretty vague. That leaves the door wide open for the abuse of power. As any good fan of *due to copyright infringement, superhero name omitted* knows, with great power comes *due to copyrights, the rest of that popular phrase has been omitted.*

*Picture of superhero has been omitted due to copyright infringement.*

Sure, maybe this is the worst case scenario, and it’s not like anyone has ever abused power before. This might actually be a good change for people. Doesn’t everyone like being boring and consistent *the number you typed is already used by a popular TV series and due to copyright infringement, is being omitted* hours a day?

*Picture of TV series *name omitted due to copyright infringement* has been omitted due to copyright infringement.*

My recommendation? Speak up and let your voices be heard before they are silenced for good. I’d invite you to leave a comment, but I’m too afraid you’d say or link something that could pull me offline despite all of my hard work above. So…don’t leave a comment…I guess.

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