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Billy the Exterminator

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“Ahhhhhh! Snake!”

If you are hearing this being yelled in your home, chances are one of two things is happening. Either you or a family member just soiled their pants, or Billy The Exterminator is on your television set.

You’re gonna need something stronger.

We just made it through an entire season of Billy The Exterminator on Netflix and I am glad there are shows like this on television. It renews my faith in the industry that once in a while quality television shows actually last longer than one season. Yes, I know, it’s all about ratings, and that’s what scares me. People would rather watch Jerry Springer, which first aired in 1991, which lasted twenty-one seasons and is still going, as opposed to an epic reboot of the Stargate series (SGU) which lasted a whopping two seasons. I mean c’mon…twenty-one seasons? How many times can you watch a train wreck? Chosing to watch Victoria go on about how she’s fifteen and wants to have a baby over a show that talks about science, growing as a race, and discovering new technological ideas and breakthroughs while telling a dramatic story of a misfit group of people trying to get home to Earth…it really questions my belief that I’ll see any sort of major advancements in humanity in my lifetime.

So yeah…Billy The Exterminator. What is it?

It’s a show that airs on A&E and is both educational and entertaining. It features a company called Vexcon which is a family run extermination business for many different walks of life. What’s great about this show is that the animals are never harmed unless absolutely necessary and are relocated to a safer habitat. Billy and other members of his family are often seen being called to someone’s home or place of business to remove one threat after another, all the while giving the viewer an education about the insects or animals causing the issue and what dangers they pose to humans and pets. Watching my son’s eyes get big when a particularly large snake strikes the camera always makes me smile; not only is he getting an education but he’s having fun while doing it. My son rarely sits for long periods unless it’s something he’s absolutely drawn into. We watched the show for four hours straight, which should say something.

If you have kids who like creepy crawlers, animals, and have a genuine interest in nature I’d recommend this show. There are a few parts that are extremely gross; if you are sick easily you may not want to eat an hour before watching the show. Cockroach infestations for example can be a little disturbing. I made the mistake of fixing myself a quick meal during the show and as soon as I sat down I thought to myself, “What the hell was I thinking? There’s a rat carcass on tv and I’m eating steak!”

Tastes like chicken.

Watch it instantly on Netflix today, you won’t be disappointed. Maybe a little grossed out, but not disappointed.

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