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My my, isn’t this game pretty?  “Azul” (Spanish for “blue”) is a colorful and strategic tile drafting game that is pretty cutthroat.  In fact, it might be a bit too cutthroat for some…that is, you can really mess up your opponent if you’re observant and force them to take tiles of a color that don’t fit on their personal player board.  Aidalee opened a can of you know what in that regard during our first play session and you can even watch her do it in the video below.

Once again I’ll be opting to let the video do the writing for me due to medical reasons, but I will say here that “Azul” is worth the price of admission so as long as you play with folks that have similar play styles…that is, the casual gamer playing against an overly-competitive player may not enjoy themselves as the latter will try to screw over the former as much as possible but not vice-versa.

Final Verdict: 8/10


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