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You’ve Been Sentenced!: Add-On Decks

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Hello again, readers!  As some of you may have read, I really enjoyed playing a recent game that I picked up called, “You’ve Been Sentenced!“. It’s highly educational and the kids and I had a blast putting sentences together.  Today, I just wanted to quickly go over the six add-on decks that are currently available to compliment the main game.

You've Been Sentenced! Add-On Decks

You’ve Been Sentenced! Add-On Decks

Before I do, I’d like to extend my appreciation to Donald McNeill for sending me those add-on decks as a “thank you” for reviewing the main game.  While it wasn’t part of the arrangement, I’d like to go over them anyway just to help spread customer awareness about a game that I really enjoyed playing.

The Add-Ons

Brain Buster Add-On Deck – This particular add-on deck will challenge your vocabulary, and thus ends up being highly educational.  I’d recommend this particular deck for middle school and junior high students, though it would certainly work for anyone.  I’m sure there are adults (myself included) that will find this deck challenging.

Gourmet Cuisine Add-On Deck – All chefs (with the exception of Gordon Ramsey, who has already closed his browser in a fit of vulgar expletives) will appreciate this deck as it covers most of the things that you’d find in the kitchen.

NASA Space Terminology Add-On Deck – Science and English all at the same time?  Yes, please!  This would be a great deck to bring into the classroom, especially at the elementary / middle school level.

Pop Culture Add-On Deck – This deck is filled with all of the latest hub-bub from today’s world.  David Hasselhoff, The Wiggles, Barack Obama…just to name a few people that are in this deck.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Add-On Deck – Space…The Final Frontier.  Set your phasers to “grammar”, because darnit Jim…he’s a Doctor, not an English major!  I don’t think I need to go any further than that.  I thought about writing this description in Shatner-Speak for extra effect, but the Internet would have expired by the time I finished.

Sports Highlights Add-On Deck  – Sports fans will be able to practice their sentence structure and get their football fix to boot, all without having to hear John Madden commentate on the blatantly obvious.

You've Been Sentenced! Add-On Decks


The Review

All of the add-on decks proved to be great fun.  I especially liked the Sci-fi and Fantasy Add-On Deck (as if there was any question), though I am embarrassed to admit that there were quite a few words on the Brain Buster Add-On Deck that I didn’t know.  Each add-on deck came with roughly eighty cards, which gives players plenty to work with in addition to the cards in the main game.  The cards from the add-on decks have different colored faces, making it easy to differentiate between them should you want to swap them out with another add-on deck.  These add-on decks can be mixed in with the main group of cards, or they can be placed off to the side and drawn from once or twice per hand.

Each add-on deck is appropriately themed and I appreciate the variety that one has in choosing those best suited for them.  If you’re not into sports, for example, but enjoy all things science related, then the NASA and Sci-fi Add-On Decks would be a great fit.  Having a variety of differently themed add-on decks available in the classroom will help keep the game appealing to younger kids as well.

Overall, if you find yourself coming back to “You’ve Been Sentenced!” often and are looking to breathe new life into the game, then give these add-on decks a once over!

Final Verdict: 8/10

You can find all of these add-on decks on the official website, located here:

McNeill Designs Website

You can read my reviews on the base game and Country Music Edition here:

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