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You Don’t Know Jack

This was the first trivia game that I remember playing as a teenager that I actually liked.  I can’t remember if we were sporting the Windows 3.1 or 95 back then, but I remember that the game was really funny.  I didn’t have a lot of games that pushed the boundaries of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, but this one took all three and defecated all over them.  I used to play this game just to listen to the end credits…mainly to see what new Xena Warrior Princess spoof would come up.  Every skit had me in stitches, which was saying a lot considering how much I hated being a teenager.

You Don't Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack (PC, XBox 360, PS3, DS, Wii)

You Don’t Know Jack is a trivia game that can be played via single player or multiplayer.  I was disappointed to learn that multiplayer on the PC featured only two players as opposed to three (as per the 1995 version), and that there was no online play.  In today’s day and age, that’s a bit unheard of.  The console releases, on the other hand, allows four players to join in on the fun.  There are over seventy episodes, each with their own theme, though the questions are all predetermined.  Those that are used to the questions being randomized from the 1995 version may be slightly disappointed by this.

You Don't Know Jack PC

Playing a two player game can be dull, even if you’re playing against Leonard Nimoy.

On a normal question, players will all buzz in their answers when they think they know it, though they can choose not to answer.  The quicker you answer, the more money you collect if you happen to be correct.  Likewise, you are penalized for wrong answers.  Each player is awarded one “screw” which forces an opponent to answer…obviously you’d want to use it when you know your opponent has no idea what the answer is.  The host always has some comment, though some of his jokes are a bit cringeworthy, in my opinion.

You Don't Know Jack PC Wrong Answer Of The Game

Be on the lookout for the wrong answer of the game, which is an answer centered around a particular sponsor. If you pick it, you’ll earn some extra cash.

Players will also take part in special events for a shot at more money.  In “Dis or Dat”, for example, players are given a list of nouns and must decide whether it is related to one word or the other, or both.  Jack Attacks occur at the end of the game and are similar in that players are given a word and must buzz in when they see the correct corresponding word fly across the screen.  It can be tricky, as the words flying across the screen might indeed relate to the word in question, but may not fit the clue.

You Don't Know Jack Jack Attack

Jack Attacks can take a few playthrus to “get”. Wrong answers will cost you points, so only answer if you are sure that the two words match to fit the clue.

All in all, You Don’t Know Jack is a difficult trivia game, and should be treated as such when you’re thinking about buying it.  Kids will get frustrated and won’t know many, if any of the answers, and adults may even find the game too challenging.  It would make a decent game to play during adult parties, especially if those playing really enjoy hard trivia games.  I was slightly disappointed by the lack of options for the PC version and wished that the questions were easier so that I could get my family in on the fun, but I have a feeling that this game will remain uninstalled in my Steam library.

Final Verdict: 5/10

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