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War Thunder (Open Beta)

I’ve been looking for a good air combat game for quite some time, especially those involving World War II models.  While modern-day technology certainly outdoes 1940’s aviation, there’s something to be said for the grace and simplicity of planes of that era.

“War Thunder” is currently in an open beta stage, being free to boot.  Players will be able to sign up on the official page, download the game launcher, and jump right in after a lengthy six gigabyte download.  Players will have a limited number of planes to fly, but can purchase additional planes via the official site’s store page.  The game promises hundreds of different models, along with a variety of PvE and PvP missions.

If time permits, I’ll cover the game in a full review once the game goes live.  Until then…

You can learn more about and download the game by visiting the official website, here:


You can check out my impressions of the Beta here:

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