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More and more people are doing this “new” thing called Twitter. I honestly don’t understand the hype.

For starters, you’re limited on how many characters you can type out when sending an update or reply to someone. If you want to send something really long, you end up having to abbreviate everything so that it looks like a seventh grader’s text message. This is the first social network I’ve seen that wants its users to unlearn the proper use of the English language. #MaybeI’mJustDoingItWrong

When you start using Twitter you have zero followers. As you tweet to yourself for a while (I did as I have no friends), certain keywords are picked up by bots that automatically follow you to either re-tweet what you say when those keywords reappear or to spam advertise on your wall. As for the people I chose to follow, I can’t seem to figure out a way to organize the vomit of text that shows up on my wall, it’s all way too cluttered for me. #MaybeI’mJustOld

bird droppings car

This car represents my Twitter feed.

By now you’re probably wondering why I have a # sign and text after every paragraph. You may see them on Facebook and have no idea if it’s a new fad or if it’s technology advancing faster than you. It’s actually called a “Hashtag” which is what people use in their tweets to allow them to be searchable. People who post on Twitter, Facebook, and other places all at once via a third-party program are using that hashtag for Twitter but it carries over to the others as a # symbol. #WhatAStupidWayToMakeSomethingSearchable

Remove everything from Facebook except the status update feature and boom…Twitter. No thanks…I think I’ll stick with Facebook, even if they change it often and make it uglier every time they do so. #YesIWentThereHaveIMadeMyPointYetIHopeSoIJustReachedMyCharacterLimit

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