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Ticket To Ride (PC Version)

I was extremely surprised to see this game appear on Steam…it literally popped in out of nowhere. I’m very happy that a classic board game made its way into the video game world, especially at an extremely reasonable price. The board game version is one of the most requested to play in our house and I snatched this up without a moment’s thought. So, all aboard fellow readers…let’s take a look at the game that has been and is currently sweeping the nation.

Ticket to Ride (2012) PC/MAC

Ticket to Ride (2012) PC/MAC

“Ticket to Ride” is a game about trains and routes. Players will be trying to form routes on the board, based on the route cards that they have in their hand. For every route they manage to connect, they score victory points at the end of the game. If they don’t, they LOSE victory points. Players are dealt three initially but keep up to two, and can draw more throughout the game if they are feeling lucky.

Ticket to Ride Routes

If you can, keep the routes that compliment each other to minimize how much work you’ll invest in making them. In this example, I got rid of Duluth to El Paso.

Players will also be drawing cards of various colors, which match the colors of the routes on the board. If a route from one city to another showed four green trains, you’d need four green cards to claim the route. Victory points are awarded for establishing routes, and the longer the route, the larger the amount of bonus points you get. Connecting a route of two trains will score you two points, but connecting a route of six trains will score you fifteen points!

Ticket to Ride Colors

If you can match colors, you can play Ticket to Ride.

If you want more information on the rules, you can check out a review of the board game version that I previously posted here:

Ticket to Ride – Board Game Review

The PC version stays true to the formula and offers both single and online play. Online play comes with your standard chat room where you can create games and invite friends (or strangers) to test your mettle. If you’re the anti-social sort, like me, you can play against the AI. There are also other maps available for purchase via DLC in case you get tired of seeing the USA map.

Ticket to Ride Online Play

Online play gives the PC version a ton of replay value.

There’s not much else to say besides that the PC version works well and is easy on the eyes. The electronic version is nice to play for when you don’t have a lot of time to set up and clean up the board game version. If you’re a fan of light strategy games or “Ticket to Ride” in general, then I highly recommend picking this up.

Final Verdict: 8/10

You can view the play sessions I’ve done here:

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