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The Walking Dead: Season Two – “All That Remains” (Episode One)

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It’s been a little over a year since season one came to a tear-jerking end.  Seeing as how the first season has been out for a quite a while now, I think the statute of limitations has been reached in regards to spoilers.  I will, however, attempt to keep things as spoiler-free as possible for the benefit of those new to the series.  Season two, for those of you curious about the time frame, takes place about sixteen months after season one.  This time around, you’ll be assuming the role of Clementine (who’s roughly eleven years old at this point) throughout the story.  Without Lee (the protagonist you controlled in season one) by her side, she’ll be forced to make a lot of tough decisions on her own.  Will you remain true to yourself and others, or will you take a grittier approach to the people you meet?  Before we take a quick look at the first episode of this season, I’d like to thank the folks at Telltale Games for providing me with a free press copy.

The Walking Dead: Season Two– “All That Remains” (Episode One) - Windows, Mac, PSN, XBLA

The Walking Dead: Season Two– “All That Remains” (Episode One) – Windows, Mac, PSN, XBLA

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details, I want to quickly mention that your choices from season one and the 400 Days DLC will play a small part in how season two plays out.  If you haven’t played either, the game will automatically default to a preset story line (similar to that of the “Mass Effect” series).  For those of you who missed out on the first season and the DLC, you’re not missing out on TOO much here in regards to what actually carries over.  The ending of season one left Clementine all alone to fend for herself, and the overall story arc reflects that.  Still, I HIGHLY recommend playing season one first if you haven’t already, just so you have SOME attachment to the character(s) going into the second one.

The Walking Dead: Season Two– “All That Remains” (Episode One) - Windows, Mac, PSN, XBLA

I care about Clementine, and so should you.

Playing as Clementine felt very different, I must admit.  I was used to playing as Lee, who was able to fight, fire a gun, and go on the offensive when the story called for it.  In this case, I seemed to lack a lot of those skills…and rightly so.  After all, a child shouldn’t be some “Rambo” character that can mow down zombies just by looking at them funny.  I felt a bit more helpless and vulnerable, which actually served to make things a bit more difficult in regards to the choices I made.  It’s important to note that I am not just referring to the obvious physical differences, but in regards to trusting others.  A child often depends on an adult to care for them but at the same time, I was skeptical of everyone I came across in-game.  The question of “who can I trust” seemed much more important to answer this time around, as I didn’t have the means with which to defend myself like I did in the first season.  Some of the dialogue choices even play upon this fact, a bit.

The Walking Dead: Season Two– “All That Remains” (Episode One) - Windows, Mac, PSN, XBLA

Seeing things through the eyes of a child certainly puts things in perspective.

In terms of gameplay, everything felt roughly the same as they did in season one.  You’ll walk around the environment talking to people and interacting with objects until you come across the trigger that advances you to the next part in the story.  There are a few quick time events that force you to react suddenly to a danger, but they focused on simply getting away as opposed to swinging an axe or firing a gun.  There were a few gruesome parts where you did have to bash something’s head in, but I won’t go into specifics so as not to ruin the story.  Most of the characters are new, though you’ll still be given a time limit on how you respond to their inquiries.  By the by, there IS a character or two who will be returning from season one, but I’ll spare you the spoiler and let you discover for yourself who they are. You’ll also come across some very interesting characters, even a stray dog.  Some of them, it turns out, aren’t all that friendly.

The Walking Dead: Season Two– “All That Remains” (Episode One) - Windows, Mac, PSN, XBLA

Walker bite? I’ll never tell.

Like season one, season two will be released in five parts (episodes).  Each episode will be released four to six weeks after the previous one, though I have seen instances where an episode in the first season was delayed an extra few weeks.  Overall, I enjoyed The Walking Dead: Season Two – “All That Remains”, even though I felt that it was a bit short…I was able to blow through it in a little under two hours.  The story and character development, when compared to season one, remained top-notch…though there was heavier emphasis on Clementine and less of a focus on the other characters.  There was a lot of tension and suspense, but not nearly enough action for my tastes.  I also didn’t get that “cliffhanger” feeling like I did in the episodes featured in season one. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for the second episode…I just didn’t curse as much as I usually do when playing a “Walking Dead” episode for the first time.  I still recommend you give it a shot regardless, especially if you’ve already played season one and got invested in Clementine’s character.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Stay tuned for reviews of future episodes as they become available!

Final Verdict: 7/10

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