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The New PA Texting & Driving Law

“Hey my mane man, did u hr that knew texting law? Its so LOLz bra, like uber unl337. We shuld go sea Twilight tommorrow…JK bra…JK!”


That’s exactly the kind of vomit inducing communication that this new Pennsylvania law is attempting to curb while you are behind the wheel of a car. Get it…curb? JK Bra…JK!

Today, 3/8/12, a new law took effect that puts limits on what you can do on your cell phone while you are driving your two ton death machine. While the new law does not address people using their cell phones to talk on them, it does allow the authorities to slap you with a fifty dollar fine for texting. This includes any device that has the ability to browse the internet or communicate with the outside world. GPS devices are still safe to use.

Now that the fun details are out of the way, I need a moment to sit back and laugh at this law. Seriously…fifty dollars? Why bother!? How much did it cost to draft this law and put it into motion in the first place? This is taxpayer money hard at work.

I’m pleased that the lawmakers are addressing this issue, but c’mon…based on how many people are killed in accidents caused by texting or talking on your phone, you’d think they could up the ante a little.

Pennsylvania needs to put a law into effect that covers both texting AND talking on a cell phone while upping the penalty to something more severe, like points on your license and a hefty fine.

I’m sorry, but this has to be a joke. Fifty dollars?

I looked this up, but guess how much you can be fined for driving too slow? That’s right, up to $109.50. More than double the fine for texting. For driving too slow. Does this not compute with anyone else or is it just me?

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