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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot (First Impressions)

It’s a bit hard to describe “The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot“, but I’d have to say that it’s a cross between an action RPG and dungeon builder.  When you’re not upgrading your castle and populating it with monsters, you’re out looting other people’s castles in an attempt to level up your character and earn yourself some loot in the process.  So far I’m having a great time with it, though I’m not too crazy about the in-game store which does offer objects of interest for real money.  For the record, I’ve been able to ignore it thus far and progress without even looking at it.

If the clash of the two above mentioned genres sounds appealing, then give it a go on Steam. Downloading the game is free, though I should warn you that the game is still Beta.  Still, it’s a nice, free way to kill your weekend if you have no plans to go outside.  You can check out my videos below if you would like more information or wish to see the game in action.


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