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The Great Heartland Hauling Company: Badlands Expansion

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My play session of “The Great Heartland Hauling Company” was an overall positive one.  The folks at Game Salute were kind enough to throw in the “Badlands Expansion” pack, so I figured I’d cover it separately just to give you an idea of what it all entails.

The Great Heartland Hauling Company Badlands Expansion

The Great Heartland Hauling Company: Badlands Expansion


Location Cards:  The expansion includes two location cards, both of which have no native good but demand plenty.

Score / Cargo Cards: The expansion includes two cards used for scoring and tracking cargo.  There’s also a tan cube that acts as a score marker.

Reference Card: The expansion includes an extra reference card, complete with alternate board layouts on the reverse side.

Purple Truck:  The expansion includes a purple truck designed to add a fifth player into the mix.

A Quick Review & FYI

Writing a full-blown review on a couple of new components would be difficult to do, but I will say that I enjoyed using the new locations as they gave us more to work with in terms of selling off goods.  Since they don’t contain a native good, they best serve as dumping grounds for unloading cargo.  Not having a native good may discourage some from loading any cargo from that location, but some may have reason to anyway depending on the circumstances.  The best part about the expansion, I felt, was the addition of a fifth player.  Now, families of five (like mine) will be able to fully participate without taking turns.  While the expansion came in a small plastic baggie, you can fit its content into the core game’s box assuming that your “Tetris” skills are up to par.

The expansion pack was awarded to those who supported the core game during its Kickstarter campaign and isn’t currently available for sale.  However, I spoke with Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me and he was able to confirm that the expansion will be available as a separate product down the line through their official website (link below) or as a BoardGameGeek promotion.  He also mentioned that they’d have a booth set up at Origins…those who purchase the base game there will receive the expansion.  Those who are able to find him at Gencon, answer a question, and ask for the expansion will also receive it.  Details regarding these promotions, along with others, will be available through the official website over the next few weeks (as of 3/19/13).

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