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Sushi Go Party!

“Sushi Go!” is one heck of a card game, seeing as how it’s both easy and fun all at the same time.  “Sushi Go Party!” is like “Sushi Go! 2.0” in that it introduces a lot more content but maintains the same general flow of play.  For those of you unfamiliar with “Sushi Go!”, it’s essentially a pass-and-play set collecting game.  You shuffle a deck of cards and each player is dealt a random hand.  You then choose one to play and pass the rest of your hand to your left.  Using the cards you’ve received from the person on your right, you’ll again choose a card to play and pass the hand off.  When everyone is out of cards the round ends and points are tallied.  Instead of using the same deck of cards every time, “Sushi Go Party!” lets players customize their own loadout from a number of new (and old) card types.

I took the liberty of recording a video review so that I wouldn’t have to type everything out, but I will summarize my feelings by saying that you should most certainly buy this game.  It supports up to eight players and with the new cards and customization options, “Sushi Go Party!” is a different game every time you play.  Gamewright (the publisher and the folks who sent me this review copy) has done it again!

Final Verdict: 10/10

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