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Streaming Rules & Schedule

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Streaming Rules & Schedule:

Due to YouTube’s recent (and stupid) ad-friendly policy crackdown, I’m moving the rules and streaming schedule here:

RULES & FAQ (READ THIS NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

1) Do not be rude & no inappropriate language. Some of my viewers are kids and this is a family-friendly channel (for the most part). Above all, be respectful! Even I slip sometimes…but if you’re going to be an “Income and Expense Matrix 2017” (bad word omitted and replaced with Excel file name for humor purposes, ha-ha-ha), save us both the trouble of me banning you and leave.

2) Do not advertise your channel. I only subscribe to channels I like and will not accept “sub for sub” requests or “sub for sharing my videos” requests. I also do not do shout-outs, though advertising is available…email me for rates.

3) Do not ask me to play another game, how long the stream is going to be, or when the next video of your favorite game will be posted. I’ll play what I want when I want for as long as I want, because ‘Murica. (Patreon supporters can suggest games on my Patreon page using the link below)

4) No spamming. (Saying/asking the same thing repeatedly three times or more in a short span)

5) Do not tell me how to play the game. Friendly suggestions are ok, however I don’t tolerate backseat drivers. To learn more about what this channel is about, check out the policy video in the links below. In short, I play to have fun. This is not a “how-to-play” channel. I stream as a hobby and it is not my full-time job. There’s also a very good chance that I’m not being 100% efficient in the way I’m playing and I’m OK with that. If you’re not, then this channel is not for you.

6) Do not ask me how to become a mod. I’m not accepting mods at this time.

7) Please ask permission before posting links. Links to my website or another one of my videos is OK so as long as it’s not spamming.

8) Do not ask me if I remember you. I see a lot of people come and go and I don’t remember everyone. Every time someone asks I’ll simply respond with, “I don’t remember anyone…I have amnesia” because sarcasm.

9) No discussions concerning politics, religion, or depressing stuff.

10) Saying you’re “first” means nothing and technically, I’m first…so stop saying it. Also, I don’t care how many people are watching me. I can give up live-streaming tomorrow and not bat an eye. I do it for you folks, not for 100,000 viewers.

Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning, timeout, or permanent ban depending on the severity of the offense.

Streaming Schedule: As a single parent working a full time job, my streaming schedule varies and I never know what game I’m going to play until I boot it up. If I do stream, it’ll probably be during the following times:

Mon-Fri – 5 PM – 8 PM EST
Sat-Sun – Anytime

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