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State of Decay (Preview)

October 25th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

When I heard that this popular XBox game was being ported to the PC, I had mixed feelings.  I was excited that I’d have yet another zombie apocalypse game at my fingertips, but wasn’t excited about the fact that the PC came second.  Most games I’ve played that have been ported from the console usually don’t fare well…”Dead Space” being such an example.  On the other hand, “Dead Space 2” and other games like it have on occasion surprised me by turning out to be a solid and worthwhile port.  “State of Decay” currently has no official keyboard and mouse support (as of 10/25/13), though you CAN use them if you know which buttons do what.  It goes without saying that an XBox controller would work better for those who play the game in its current state (via Steam’s Early Access program), but I’m finding the keyboard to be manageable.

What do I think of this open-world zombie RPG?  Check out the videos below to find out!

For those of you curious about the keyboard controls, I found this excellent post detailing them:


You can purchase into the Early Access on Steam here:


You can view my play sessions of the Alpha/Beta here:

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