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Star Trek: The Video Game (3-12-13 News)

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In my last news update, I was able to share some gameplay footage along with some commentary by Paramount Picture’s Senior Vice President Brian Miller.  The gameplay footage was excellent, but what is the plot and what threat will befall the Enterprise this time?

It turns out that the Gorn will take a front seat this time around.  Apparently, they’ve gone on the offensive and have been striking key targets throughout the galaxy, including New Vulcan.  The Gorn, for those of you who refuse to watch “The Original Series”, are a humanoid reptile race that are extremely territorial.  They were featured in the episode, “The Arena”, where Kirk had to fight one to the death in hand to hand combat.

In “Star Trek: The Video Game”, the player will be trying to figure out why the Gorn have been so aggressive and what they are really after.  Along the way, they’ll meet some Vulcan acquaintances of Spock’s who become lead characters in the story.  T’Mar is a childhood friend of Spock’s who happens to be the station manager of a facility that the Enterprise will be called to rescue in the beginning of the game.  Surok, T’Mar’s father, was Spock’s mentor and will also make an appearance.

April 23rd, 2013 can’t come soon enough.  In the meantime, here are some screenshots hot off the press to whet your appetite.

Star Trek: The Video Game

Enterprise Bridge

Star Trek: The Video Game


Star Trek: The Video Game

Enterprise & Gorn Ship

Star Trek: The Video Game


Star Trek: The Video Game


Star Trek: The Video Game

Spock & Kirk


Star Trek: The Video Game will be available April 23,2013, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC



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