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Say Anything and Say Anything Family

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Spending time with the family can be difficult to do, especially when everyone has their own interests and plans. To combat this, some families have a small selection of board games at their disposal that they bring out during family night. Some couples have a set of party games that they bring out when they have friends over for the evening. When you think of board games, what immediately comes to mind? Monopoly…Risk…Scrabble…Chess…Checkers…Trouble…Sorry? You’d be surprised to learn that the market for board games is much, much greater than the small selection you might see at your local Kmart or Wal-Mart store.

Say Anything and Say Anything Family

Say Anything Family is a separate board game from Say Anything, yet you’ll find similar components in both boxes as the rules are generally the same. Eraser not included.

Say Anything and Say Anything Family are surprisingly simple, yet very fun board games to play.

Say Anything, 3-8 Players, Ages 10+, Average Play Time: 30 Minutes

Say Anything Family, 3-6 Players, Ages 8+, Average Play Time: 30 Minutes

On a player’s turn (let’s call him Player A), they draw a card and ask one of the questions on the card. The question may be something like, “In my opinion, what is the worst thing to do in public?” or “In my opinion, which house chore is the worst?” The other players (let’s call them Players B, C, and D) quickly write their answer on their color marker board, trying to pick the best answer to Player A’s question. Players B, C, and D must remember that they are not writing down what THEY think the answer is, but what Player A might think it is. Players B, C, and D can write any answer they wish, including something humorous, in the hopes that Player A will like their answer the most. Once Players B, C, and D place their answers into the middle of the table, Player A secretly picks his favorite using a color wheel that only he can see. Players B, C, and D then place bet tokens on the answers. They can either bet on their own answer or on other answers. Once Players B, C, and D have bet, Player A reveals the color wheel, and points are scored. Player B then becomes the person who reads the question (from a new card) and play continues.

Say Anything and Say Anything Family are good ways for people to get to know each other. Say Anything has questions geared more towards adults, leaving the questions open so that answers can be as clean or as raunchy as people wish to make them. Say Anything Family has question cards that would be more suitable for kids. My advice is to pick up Say Anything if you plan to host parties with copious amounts of alcohol and Say Anything Family if you plan on having a regular family fun night.

Say Anything and Say Anything Family Review

Kid approved.

The game comes with the marker boards and markers, but no eraser. My advice is to get an eraser suitable for dry-erase boards. Paper towels & water work too, though I’d recommend the eraser.

Out of all of the board games I own (well over fifty), this has been the most requested, replacing Ticket to Ride and Apples to Apples. So…on that note, if you’re looking for something new to play because you’re bored with passing GO for the hundredth time, give this a try.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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