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Redshirt (Preview)

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There’s nothing I enjoy more than putting my feet up while a Star Trek marathon runs its course on my giant flat screen television.  You can imagine my surprise when the offer to take a peak at “Redshirt” was offered…curiosity simply got the better of me.  For those of you not in the know, a “redshirt” refers to a disposal character on the old “Star Trek” series featured in the 1960’s.  Would I be managing a security squad of redshirts and be tasked with replacing them every time the commanding officer beamed down to a planet?  Would I be a redshirt trying to stay alive, despite the odds?  Oddly enough, “Redshirt” is a life simulator of sorts that uses “Spacebook” as its primary interface.  You’ll have to see it to believe it.


Redshirt (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Per the press release:

“Redshirt is a turn-based life-sim game set aboard a space station called megalodon 9. The player has the role of a humble transporter accident cleanup technician at the start of the game, and must do whatever it takes, be that career climbing, schmoozing or black-market negotiating to find a way to get off the station in the next 180 days. 

Redshirt is being developed by UK indie devs ‘The Tiniest Shark‘ and published by Positech Games. Today marks the release of the beta build of the game on PC, priced $19.95. The full version will be available on PC, Mac and Linux, with an ipad build to follow. it will also be available on Steam, and customers pre-ordering the game from our website will get a steam key for use upon the final release of the game.”

I have to admit, I really enjoy playing this game.  “Redshirt” has a lot of charm, not to mention humor that I can appreciate.  Want to see the game in action?  Check out my gameplay videos below!

You can learn more about the game via the official website below:


You can view video play sessions here:


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