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PRESS RELEASE: “Vehicle Vendetta” Seeking Support on Kickstarter

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I’ve admittedly spent hours at the arcade wrecking cars as a child, but there’s something to be said for causing others crash and burn in your very own dining room.  “Vehicle Vendetta”, a fast-paced card game currently seeking your help on Kickstarter, promises exactly that.  Road rage might be frowned upon in real life, but here, all bets are off.  Will you have what it takes to come out ahead and drive past the competition?


Vehicle Vendetta

Vehicle Vendetta


In a recent press release, the folks at Te Waka Games had this to say:

“Road Tacks.

The School Run.

Banana In The Tailpipe.

All of these and more conspire against you as you race your opponents to the finish line! You can use different vehicles and drivers and even upgrade your vehicles as you race across different terrain, but the most fun is to be had by causing your opponent’s vehicles to slow down or even crash.

It’s a fast paced card game that’ll have you scorching other cars with your Afterburners, playing the Shifty Valet on them to steal their vehicle, and utilising Stunt Ramps, Pythagorean Short-cuts and Fluffy Dice to overcome obstacles such as the School Run.

Get your deck now and just dare your opponents to try to overtake you while you’re driving your Combine Harvester or Stretched Limo. Go on, dare them.”

You can learn more about and support “Vehicle Vendetta” by visiting its Kickstarter page, here:


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